It’s time we demystify this markeT

and the key is to understand the outsourcing market, the options…the whole package.

If you’ve never outsourced a project, or have tried only at the behest of your wallet, time and tears, you need to watch Michael & Sara cover Wedding Videography Outsourcing 101.

We want you to make the right choice for your editing needs

I want the whole presentation

“Why should I hire a company when I could hire a freelancer?”

“Why not just bring someone in-house as an employee?”

“Isn’t it cheaper to find a solo contractor?"

All great questions and we have answers based on our experience as filmmakers outsourcing their films, former freelance wedding film editors and the perspective of our clients testing the market prior to joining Wedditor.


Simply put, Wedditor handles most of these problems for you.

Our process not only creates accountability, it ensures it. No ghosting allowed. By releasing your edits to us, you’ll enjoy viewing your films through new eyes. Imagine enjoying post-production again without grinding through it month after month. And most importantly...

We invest in our team, our process and this industry. We want the right partners to grow alongside with. 

There is no cheat code for trust in this industry, but we’re pretty damn close.


We are proud to support the best wedding film podcast and community in the industry: