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Hi I'm Tim, Midwest Filmmaker and cross-platform master support Project Manager here at Wedditor. I got my start in wedding films officially launching my brand in 2016. After realizing how badly backlog can take over a Filmmaker's live during my highest season in 2020, I reached out to Wedditor to start our partnership with having them edit my films.

In 2021, I had a great conversation with Michael and we both thought, hmmm, project manager at Wedditor might fit me well. After 17 years in the architectural design field, I quit my job and joined Wedditor full time!

I love bringing my unique perspective of growing through my client partnership journey with Wedditor for my own brand. The struggles I experienced outsourcing my own brand helps me connect with filmmakers. I love seeing brands outsourcing journey propel faster than my own and getting to be a part of helping so many make amazing films!

When I'm not on Wedditor projects, you can find me when I'm not filming a wedding enjoy a lot of family time with my amazing wife and beautiful childern and possibly enjoying a good craft beer

Tim Mohrbach

Fav Wedditor Edit For My Brand



Wheat Ales


Hello from across the pond! My name is Yas, and I have been working with Wedditor since 2018, originally as a junior editor but over the years making my way to an executive level film editor and project manager. I have had the privilege of editing for brands such as Le Reve Films, John Bunn Films, and Wild Oak films. I fell in love with editing, after backpacking around Asia, travelling to 13 countries in 7 months, capturing my adventures on a little GoPro. I couldn’t wait to put my stories together in the editing room. The sounds, the feelings, the people and most importantly the food, all secure in videos to last a lifetime!

I soon wanted to make this a hobby my career, which is where Wedditor came in! I clicked with Michael’s passion for core team values; by lifting each other up, you can achieve so much success. I love to share these values with filmmakers. In my eyes, I don’t just provide a service, I want to create a team with you, so together we can build your brand and deliver what your couples truly deserve; memories that have been crafted with care.

People who know me often say I am too empathetic and I feel that makes me best suited for my role. I am so passionate about people and making sure they get the best. I also feel this allows me to connect with our editors as I am in their shoes!

Yasmine Cherif

Fave Film I've Edited



Red Wine


Hello there! I got my start in the industry right after high school with a DSLR purchased with my graduation money. I began 3rd shooting for my brother who was a wedding photographer. A little later, I made a small film of my vacation and Cherish of Le Reve Films(family friend) reached out to me looking for help with culling and of course I said yes! 

About 10 years of editing, I found a local high volume client, but couldn't keep up with the backlog and… I was moving across the country. Soon, they let me go for a mysterious company called Wedditor...🤔 I emailed Michael to let him know he took my job and I’d still like to have it. He hired me and kept me editing with that same client to start.

Since then, I've become a Project Manager for Wedditor's volume clientele for over three years and I love it! My goal is dialing down each volume company's edits to make sure they're all on brand and yet unique to the couple. 

Brooke Soto



Moscow Mule

New York

Hello, I’m Michele! I’m a wedding filmmaker based out of Miami in addition to being part of the Wedditor team. A handful of years ago I quit my 9-5 in non-profit to pursue the wedding industry full time. I enjoyed studying photography and film in college - not wanting to let that slip by and being interested in starting a business, I found wedding videography. I start the business with my wife a year after my own wedding. Not having a videographer at my wedding helped me understand how important wedding films are.

I found Wedditor though the wedding videography education space and met Michael on the fly at a conference. Fast forward a couple of years and I had the opportunity to join the team as a Project Manager. Being part of Wedditor, I’ve been able to connect with other filmmakers from a unique position, allowing me to learn from and contribute to my peers. I also enjoy working with a variety of editors from across the globe. I love working with my clients and helping them create beautiful wedding films that match their brand!

Michele Harvey



 Pisco Sour


Hello, my name is Reiko, and I'm from the Philippines. Before joining Wedditor, I worked as a human resources manager for an outsourcing company; aside from that, I do freelance wedding photography, videography, and editing.

When life gave me the chance to join Wedditor, I started as a junior editor and never imagined I would one day advance to executive editor, editing mostly high-end weddings, and now as project manager helping clients to make sure they’re all on brand and editors to expand their knowledge. It took me a lot of work to get where I am now.

I first fell in love with filmmaking when I was in my first year of college and bought my first camera. instead of having an 18th birthday. I joined a lot of local photo contests and, luckily won, After that, I realized that filming is what I really enjoy doing. Capturing raw emotions and building a story is something that I look forward to, and seeing all the audience laughing and crying while watching the film that I made is something that keeps me falling in love with weddings films.  
Being a part of Wedditor for five years has taught me a lot and helped me become the person I am today. My love of wedding films is deeply personal. I'm dedicated, enthusiastic, and I enjoy what I do.

Reiko Bautista



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Not only does she run our photo editing operations, she’s also the first touchpoint for all new interested editors:

Nina Chappel



 Lime Margarita

Charlottesville, VA

Photography Editing Manager & General Editor Manager

Hey, I’m Nina! I’ve been in the wedding industry for 15 years+ as a photographer, 7 of those working under John Bunn as his in house photographer and studio manager. I work to ensure our editors know their concerns can be heard and while launching our new photo service has challenges, I’ve spent a good portion of my career growing new processes and building teams. Joining Wedditor in 2021 has allowed me a great work life balance, getting to spend more time with my husband and 2 daughters.

Hello! I'm Grace. Before working with Wedditor, I had worked in various local industries as an accountant and bookkeeper. Working in different industries had helped me acquired and developed a range of accounting skills and learned how every business works. By the end of 2019, I decided to leave the corporate world and ventured to freelancing. It was when in 2020 that I found Wedditor.

I don't have any knowledge in wedding film industry, but what caught my attention when I learned about Wedditor is the kind of service it offers. I never heard a business in a wedding film industry who do outsourcing. Usually, the type of outsourcing services I know are professional outsourcing like finance & accounting, call centers or IT.

Fast forward to 2023, I still enjoy working with Wedditor as their sole accountant and bookkeeper. I have seen how the company grows and it's a privilege to be a part of it. I keep the company's books organize and up-to-date to provide Michael and the Core team with important business insights. More than that, I enjoy the flexibility of my work because it's a home-based work and I get to visit my family or go on vacation while bringing work with me, unlike when working in a local corporate company that doesn't have that flexibility.




Vietnamese Coffee



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