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More than just another photo company.

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As a wedding photographer with over 14 years of experience, I know how near and dear we hold photos to our hearts.

I’ve outsourced myself, locally with staff editors, as well as with an outsourcing company. With the experiences and time I’ve put in, including 7 years as the photography manager for John Bunn’s company, Redeemed Productions, I’ve helped to mold the processes and strategies we use for our photo editing branch of Wedditor.

We want them to look their absolute best for our couples and help them relieve their beautiful day. But to be honest, editing hundreds of photos after each weekend can be draining. 

There are tons of options out there when it comes to outsourcing photo editing - it can be overwhelming. With Wedditor, you already know we pride ourselves on creating a personal, cultivated client relationship that produces on-brand films.

We're here to streamline all of your post-production needs, allowing you to carve even more time out of your schedule for yourself and your company.

We're here to help your photos shine to their highest potential, all through an experience that's personalized to you

our offerings

Clients may send us raw photos, a Lightroom catalog, or a LR catalog with anchor images to start our collaboration. Every new client will meet and chat with Nina to review your needs and generate a custom process and pricing for your photography editing.

Turnaround for images is 7 days.



we receive your lr catalog and project brief


your project manager reviews the catelog and shares with the editor


lightroom editing is completed


your project manager reviews the edits, makes any changes needed


lightroom catalog is delivered back to you


you export and deliver to your client

our pricing

$0.55 per image

LR editing per image w/o setup

Client will send us raw images and samples of similar work so we can emulate the same editing style

$0.45 per image

LR editing per image w/ setup

Client will send us a Lightroom catalog with smart previews and 20-40 "anchor images" throughout the day that show us how you want the color and exposure to look in different settings. And will provide any necessary presets.


*Volume Pricing Available*

Any blurry images, people blinking, drastically over or under exposed, obvious issues in the photo. Optional reducing total of deliverables, for example, you want to deliver 600 images when you started with 900.

$0.05 per image

B&W Copy per image - all images

We will make a copy of each image in black and white

$0.08 per image

B&W Copy selected images

We choose dramatic, stand-out images to convert to black and white

$0.12 per image


custom price. Retouching can vary greatly based on what's needed.

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