Wedditor is collaborating with audio masters Kaleb and Elaine Jiminez's latest venture, Rubato Studios, a cutting-edge post-production studio. With a shared passion for elevating cinematic experiences, they have pooled their extensive expertise to establish a studio that stands at the intersection of innovation and storytelling.

Audio for the Wedding Filmmakers
Context is everything and Kaleb and Elaine's incredible filmmaking shapes their approach to your film's audio. The right blend of technical and artistry springs your films to life on home-speakers, airpods and beyond.  

Ready for your audio to go next level?


Elaine, an Emmy Award-winning technician brings her unparalleled expertise to Rubato
Studios. Armed with dual degrees in Music Production & Engineering and Music Business/
Management from the esteemed Berklee College of Music, Elaine's journey from classical
piano studies at the age of five to collaborating with Grammy-winning artists and audio design,
showcases her mastery of the craft and dedication to sonic excellence.

Kaleb, the force propelling Rubato Studios forward, embarked on a musical odyssey from
House of Blues to large stages around the world. His diverse career in production includes
collaborations with iconic artists such as Garth Brooks, Lady A, P!nk, as well as performances
on international stages like the MTV European Music Awards. Kaleb's exceptional work ethic
and unwavering optimism serve as the driving force behind Rubato Studios' commitment to
delivering top-tier post-production services.

Meet Kaleb and Elaine

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1:1 session with the Rubatio, covering topics you crave that deeper-dive on. 

$500/hr for zoom call

Mentoring Session

The Basics + foley, walla, & sfx design, noise reduction and recovery for films up to 7 minutes

starting at $550

EQ, Compression, & leveling for films 5 minutes & under

starting at $450

MIX & Mastering


Mix & Mastering Recovery Sample

MIX & Mastering